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Taxpayer identification Numbers

Do i need One ?

A ITIN must be furnished on returns , statements , and other tax related documents . For example a number must be furnished :

When filling your tax return - A change in IRC secction 6109 Regulation in 1996 mandates the use of ITIN on tax return.

When claiming treaty benefits- There was a change in the IRC section 1441 regulaqtions in 2001 which mandates the use of ITIN in order to claim tax treaty benefits. A ITIN must be on a withholding cretificate if the beneficial owner is claiming any of the following :

  • Tax treaty benefits (other than for income from marketable securities)
  • Exemption for effectively connected income
  • Exemption for certain annuities


you must demonstrate the need for an ITIN by having a Tax Reporting requirement such as tax return or a new or existing interest bearing account in your name . Apply complete IRS Form W-7

There are some examples of acceptable Identification Documents for -ITIN Card  :

  • Passport (may be used alone)  Countries- European - Asian - South american
  • Matricula consular  (Mexico)
  • Birth certificate
  • An identity card
  • Foreign Military From your country (in some cases)
  • School Record

How do i Get A ITIN ?

You will need to complete a forms  Click Here to go to IRS